Welcome to the “Champions of Hin Satori Japanese Chin Kennel” website. Here you can learn more about this beautiful and rare breed and some of its best dogs around the world.

Hin Satori was founded in 1991 and is dedicated exclusively to Japanese Chins. The foundation of our line were the children of pure Japanese dogs brought to Russia as gifts to diplomats. The two founders were a gorgeous female Jamato Jamaguti and a spectacular and very accomplished male Aiken Getin Sakuratera. They were the first chins in Russia to become World Winners, Inter-champions and Champions of Russia. Their children and grandchildren continued the star-studded dynasties.

Over the years, many of our chins became champions and live in different cities and countries. We thought it would be nice to be able to see them all in one gallery, and so we decided to make a site that showcases them - a House for Champions.

We invite all owners of Hin Satori champions as well as those who own chins - champions with Hin Satori lines in their pedigrees to join us. Please send a portfolio for each dog complete with high-resolution photographs, a pedigree and scans of champion diplomas.There’s room for everyone!

If you’re only thinking about a Japanese Chin puppy, we hope you get inspired by these special dogs, beautiful, smart and gentle. Japanese Chin puppies thrive with lots of loving care, and we’d be happy to help you choose the right one as well as offer professional advice on feeding grooming, feeding and generally raising a healthy and happy dog.

Welcome to our family!
RKF now has a Champions Database. It’s easy to see the breeders’ work. Our kennel is number one in every position. It has over 150 Champions of Russia and over 40 Grand Champions. That’s far ahead of other kennels. There’s only one Junior Grand Champion in the database - our own Hin Satori Tsentralniy Komitet. There’s only one Champion Producer as well, and that’s also ours - Hin Satori Super Pofig. So we’re very successful in our work!
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